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Silverstream Landscapes



MARCH  2019

Working to our client's aspirations and recommendations, we were asked to create a visually stunning exterior space, inspired by the residential dwellings of New England, USA. The stilted pleach tree theme compliments a contemporary reflection pond water feature, an outdoor fireplace area to the rear of the property.

Working closely and developing the landscape ideas with our client, we used strong simple straight lines to create boundaries in the main pleach garden area, which has assisted to seamlessly create different levels of garden space using a blended balance of materials and colorful flora. 

The garden landscape for this property was a completely new build, working simultaneously with architect and building company to allow a complete end of project turn key service for our client, providing a visually stunning exterior space to the side area of the property. On the opposite side, to the rear of the property sits the outdoor kitchen room and fireplace area where the seating is plentiful and forms a key feature away form the garden space.

We approach every garden with a construction plan that suits each individual garden, with an agreed body of works to be undertaken that accurately reflects the design, and the desires of our clients in the design and to reflect the owners love of contemporary taste.

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