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Silverstream Landscapes
construction by
Silverstream Landscapes

Our client entrusted us to redesign and renovate their existing garden space, paying particular attention to detail to their existing driveway and entrance.  Urging us to 'add age' to their landscape we paid particular consideration to the Belfast cobble material detail throughout the landscape dwelling as well as giving the outdoor area more structure and arrangement. 


Built on a secluded village site in Co. Louth, our brief was to recreate a tired garden space and driveway to compliment the stunning  stone work evident in our client's existing house.

Some of the more evident changes was an extended slate patio to the conservatory side of the property, mature hedge planting for privacy and a complete upgrade of garden lights and cobble driveway

Replacing old granite square cobble with the aforementioned Reclaimed Belfast Cobble and introducing low boxwood hedging to the front of the house allows a soft colour contrast with the detailed stone.



AUGUST  2020

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