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design by
Greenshoots | Alan Coffey
construction by
Silverstream Landscapes


One of the main criteria for this design was to introduce privacy from overlooking windows and nearby loft conversions.

Our designer wanted to create a simple contemporary garden for his client that was immersed in foliage, heavily influenced by fern  trees. A relative entertaining space was a necessity to provide a stunning canvas of year round, to create visual impact from the open plan living and kitchen area. Storage for two bikes was a must.

The outdoor design uses approximately a ratio of 3:2 of hard surface and planting coverage. Varying sizes and heights of the tree ferns, Dicksonia Antartica, are used to to highlight the effect of depth through the space.

There has been a practical bike storage unit, which has been subtly disguised using the cedar timber battens which will gradually blend with the greenery that surrounds the garden.


AUGUST  2018

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